China AA Loners Contacts

Many AA members living in China do not have access to regular meetings or to other AA members. This page shows  AA Loners (and other AA contacts  in China who are not necessarily  Loners) sorted by Province and City. We have also included a tab for AA members who are willing to sponsor an AA loner in China.

We most heartily encourage you, in the spirit of service, and also any other AAs you know, to put your contact information on the China AA Loners list. 30 days of continuous sobriety required.  click here

China AA Loners List/中国偏远地区A.A.会员联系方式

If you have at least 30 days of continuous sobriety and you want to be added to the China AA Loners list of AA members, please fill out the form below. 如果您有至少30天的持续清醒,并且想要加入AA AA Loners成员名单,请填写下面的表格。
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