Online Meetings

China Online meeting information

Throughout China, Alcoholics Anonymous members join together to hold AA meetings online. Sharing their experience strength and hope in AA online meetings on Skype, Wechat and Webex. Whether you are a member of Alcoholics Anonymous or someone with a desire to stop drinking you are welcome to join us at the next AA online meeting.

AA Meeting schedule last updated 24, March 2017

All times are China Standard Time (+8:00 UMT)


Day Meeting Type Skype/Webex Time
Sunday AA Literature AAOnlineMeeting 2:00AM
Sunday AA Discussion AA Jakarta 10:00AM
Sunday AA Discussion notsaintskorea 10:30AM
Sunday AA LGBT outinseoul 11:30AM
Sunday AA Speaker WEBEX Meeting. Click link for info: Global Speakers Group 7:30PM
Sunday AA Big Book AAOnlineMeeting 8:30PM
Monday AA Big Book AAOnlineMeeting 6:30AM
Monday AA Discussion MondayMeeting7pm 8:00PM
Monday AA Daily Reflections AAOnlineMeeting 8:30PM
Tuesday AA Big Book Study AAOnlineMeeting 8:30PM
Tuesday AA Women’s Discussion tuesdaywomensskype 8:30PM
Tuesday AA Literature Discussion Meeting WEBEX Meeting. Click link for info: Global Speakers Group 9:00PM
Wednesday AA Big Book AAOnlineMeeting 6:30AM
Wednesday AA Speaker AAOnlineMeeting 8:30PM
Thursday AA Discussion Asia LBGT ( 7:00PM
Thursday Living sober AAOnlineMeeting 8:30PM
Friday AA Big Book AAOnlineMeeting 6:30AM
Friday 12 Steps & 12 Traditions AAOnlineMeeting 8:30PM
Saturday Saturday AA Literature Meeting AAonlinemeeting 8:30PM

For More information on Online Meetings, Contact:

Sean W. Phone +86 151-5850-1035
Wechat seanwilde
Dan A. Phone +86 189-7514-1387
Wechat 18975141387

More info for AAONLINEMEETING Skype meeting at

Instructions to join Skype meetings:

1)Download most current version of Skype from
2)Create an account
3)Add contact. Type in Skype Name above and say you are a friend of Bill W. when you send the invite
4)Log in 5 minutes before the meeting time. When you see the meeting ID online, call to be added to meeting
5)Make sure when you are not speaking your microphone is muted.